Humans discover genetic modification and bionics.

Discover the existence other sentient beings (The Kith)

Humans begin testing on the kith and engaged in the hunting and capturing of their kind for testing

The uprising of the kith: oops would seem humans are the minority, the kith outnumber the human population 10 to 1. War breaks out between the humans and the kith resulting in the humans becoming the lesser race to the kith.

The war also resulted in hyper evolved bestial creatures due to the radiation emitted from bombs and weaponry during the war.

Humans rejoice in no longer being the lesser species on the world. Slavery ensues for the bestial races. Kith sympathize with them, though not many make an effort to change things for them.

The beasts fight for equal rights with humans.


Humans and Kith have equal rights, they humans are just treated like children in the eyes of the kith.

Most of the kith population is fine with the slavery of the beasts, though small sects of kith see their potential and treat them equally.

Most beasts only have a rudimentary knowledge of language and writing. Though they have the capacity to learn.

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